OFN Total Health Survey Corner

Outcast Food Network is partnering with Michigan State University to close the racial gap in health outcomes and covid-19 vaccination rates.               

We want to better understand why African Americans are vaccinated at lower rates and address the structural inequities that are driving these disparities. Your feedback will help us to bring equity to medical care access and vaccine health. 

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Outcast Food Network is a Community Engagement Partner with the City of Baltimore. Baltimore City is developing a 

Plan to guide equitable neighborhood development over the next ten years. 

The question is how can we make Baltimore better for current residents so that they want to stay,  benefit from staying, and are inspired to invite their friends and family to move to Baltimore. 

By focusing on the needs and desires of current residents, the City will naturally grow over time. 

As a Community Engagement partner with Baltimore City, Outcast Food Network has designed and is leading a strategic process, that fits the needs of the communities we serve. 

Your feedback will help us to define “equitable neighborhood development” for Baltimore, and collectively generate concrete, implementable ideas to move the City towards this vision.

Receive $5 through cash app for taking the survey. Leave your cash app handle In the survey.  Only one survey per cash app handle

For COVID-19 Vaccine or Booster Scheduling and\or COVID-19 Testing please call us at 410.409.7568

Vaccine Hesitancy Education Provided – 2500+ individuals

Community Members Vaccinated – 586

Our goal at Outcast Food Network is to end hunger in the city of Baltimore as well as in America. This can be achieved by consistent and coordinated efforts to support and feed food insecure families.

OFN is responding to the coronavirus outbreak by offering curbside pickup to other Baltimore City groups that distribute food.

OFN Builds Happy Families

Receiving hot meals brings on a smile and hope! At OFN it is our goal to end hunger and build happy families.

> The family unit is stronger      

  > More confident in their future

> Less emotional strain               

  > Higher achievement levels

> Greater expectations around meal time

Mobile Food Mission Program

Hunger Statistics:

  • 17.5 million households were food insecure as of 2015
  • Food insecure means
  • At times during the year they lack money to buy food.
  • Meals are skipped, or the amount eaten is reduced.
  • 1 of 6 children go hungry each year, 13 million children in all.
  • Children with hunger issues have more learning challenges and higher mental health levels

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