Its hard to succeed on an empty stomach. Many people struggle to get by because of underemployment, low wages and rising inflation. In fact, many of these people turn to Outcast Food Network each year for support.

Mobile Food Mission Program

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Mobile Feeding Project:

  1. OFN provides groceries to food insecure families weekly, enough food to feed 3200 people.
  2. OFN delivers healthy eating education to community members to encourage healthy living.
  3. OFN has partnered with local businesses and religious leaders to create a network of volunteers and resources to support our efforts.

Outcast Food Network Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic

The Outcast Food Network (OFN) Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic engages and informs residents of the benefits, safety, vaccine effectiveness, and access by providing truthful and transparent vaccine information. OFN’s clinic has inoculated hundreds of community members ensuring better health outcomes and an increase in city and state covid-19 vaccination rates.

Homeless Helpers

The Homeless Helpers distributed sustainable snack foods to those in need on a daily basis. These items are meant to help sustain them until they get there next full meal.

Youth EducationMentor-ship

OFN facilitates classes and programs designed to close the education gap that comes with a lack of food.

OFN Joy Festival

OFN rescues food from restaurants that would otherwise be disposed and delivers to local soup missions.

Your impact $1 = 2 meals

Help OFN on this mission. Every dollar you give can provide at least 2 meals to children and families in need.